On October 7th at 11am, Dr. Guillaume Chevance will give a Grand Rounds presentation on: Thinking Health-related Behaviors in a Climate Change Context.


Human activities have changed the biosphere so profoundly over the past two centuries that human induced climate change is now posing serious health-related treats to the current and future generations. Rapid actions from all scientific fields are needed to contribute to both the mitigation and adaption to climate change. This presentation will discuss the bi-directional associations between climate change effects (i.e., rising average temperatures, natural disasters, air pollution, rising sea level) and health-related behaviors, as well as a set of key actions/propositions for the behavioral medicine community.


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Speaker Bio:
Dr. Guillaume Chevance has a background in sport sciences. He received his PhD in Human Movement Sciences from the University of Montpellier (France) in 2017. The objective of his thesis was to understand the role of specific motivational factors in the adoption and maintenance of an active lifestyle during and after rehabilitation programs. After his PhD, Dr. Chevance started a postdoc at the University of California San Diego (US) in a team interested in the design of eHealth interventions, and notably recognized for their applications of control system engineering methods to the development of apps supporting behavior change. Dr. Chevance then joined ISGlobal (Barcelona, Spain), a leading European institution in Global/Planetary Health, in October 2020 as a tenure-track assistant research professor and head of the eHealth group. He is interested in the dynamics of health behavior change in the context of climatic changes. For that purpose, he uses digital technologies (i.e., accelerometers, smartphones, mobile apps, online datasets) to better understand, and sometimes influence, what is going on in our daily lives.

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