Join ABMR for cutting-edge talks and discussion on longevity mechanisms and behavioral medicine


You are invited to attend a special meeting on healthy aging research sponsored by the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research—a society of senior researchers. Listen to cutting-edge presentations and high-level discussion on a broad range of factors shaping human healthspan, including the role of social stressors such as trauma, racism, climate change. We will dive into regulatory mechanisms (vagal tone, immune aging, microbiome, mitochondria, epigenetic clocks) and interventions (such as mindfulness, breathing, and hyperthermia). Hear leading experts on optimizing brain aging and longevity, and engage in thought provoking discussions to move the field forward.


This meeting will be held online via zoom October 8th-11th, and you will be invited to participate through zoom Q&A sessions. You will receive the zoom link in the week before the conference. Registration is $50 for students, and there is a sliding scale for general admission from $100 – $400. Like many events, this meeting had to be rescheduled several times due to the pandemic, and has become very expensive to host with financial losses. If you can afford one of the higher rates, ABMR greatly appreciates your support of their non-profit academic society!



Topics are listed below:

Check website for detailed schedule here (subject to change!). Talks will be held in Pacific Daylight time, but video links will be sent to registered attendees at the end of each day for those if different time zones.

Friday October 8th:

Future of Longevity and Geroscience Research: Elissa Epel, PhD

How Early Life Shapes Adult Health: Terrie Moffitt, PhD

Hyperthermia for Major Depression: Ashley Mason, PhD

The Effects of Racism: Personal and Scientific Reflections: Julian Thayer, PhD

Saturday October 9th:

Causes and Consequences of Epigenetic clocks: Steve Horvath, PhD

Predicting the Future with Algorithms of Biological Age: Daniel Belsky, PhD

Cellular Markers of Aging and Psychosocial Influences: Jude Carroll, PhD, AvShalom Caspi, PhD, Martin Picard, PhD

The Exposome and Insights in Ageotype: Michal Snyder, PhD

Sunday, October 10th:

Preventing Cognitive Aging and Dementia: Kristine Yaffe, MD, PhD, Scott Hofer, PhD, Carlos Mendes DeLeon PhD

Climate Matters: Perceptions, Polarization, and Behavioral Medicine: Adam Pearson, PhD, Gary Bennett, PhD, Kristi White, PhD, Donald Edmondson, PhD

Parasympathetic Plenary Debate: How Much Does the Vagus Determine Health? Richard Sloan, PhD, Lauren Whitehurst, PhD, Julian Thayer, PhD

Master Lecture on Geroscience: Steve Kritchevsky, MD, Discussant Lisbeth Nielsen, PhD

Mechanisms of Mindfulness and Compassion Training: Cheryl Giscombe, PhD, RN, Linda Carlson, PhD, David Creswell, PhD, Richard Davidson, PhD

Experiential Keynote: Meditations and Reflections: Richard Davidson, PhD

Monday, October 11th:

Breath! A discussion with journalist and best selling author James Nestor

Strategic Research: Increasing your impact: Kelly Brownell, PhD


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