Introducing the Open Scholarship Knowledge Base (OSKB), a free repository of open practice education and training resources.

Built by the research community, for the research community

As the adoption of open and reproducible practices grows, so too does the need for high-quality, up-to-date instruction. That’s why we’ve partnered with open advocates from the global research community to create the OSKB.

Now research educators and stakeholders can quickly point to the OSKB as a tool to support the learning, application, and training in open practices for their communities. Plus, the OSKB integrates effortlessly with virtual learning environments as more institutions shift toward remote collaboration and coursework.

What are we doing? And why?

The Problem

  1. It is difficult for people new to open scholarship ideas and practices to find and apply existing materials.
  2. It is difficult for educators to bring open scholarship concepts and exercises into their courses.
  3. The open scholarship landscape changes quickly, so materials can become outdated.

Our Solution

Our Project Roadmap outlines our approach: Build a knowledge base platform and a community of contributors to organize information on the what, why, and how of open scholarship so it is easy to find and apply. Contributors keep the information up-to-date and curate modules for self-learning or teaching.

Who are we?

We are a community of volunteer advocates working with researchers, educators, and anyone interested in open scholarship to build a knowledge base so that researchers and users can discover and apply open practices.

Spearheaded by volunteers at a research conference, we are a group of diverse individuals aligned by a shared goal to make learning and applying open research practices easier.

How can I contribute?

The OSKB is being built by and for the community it aims to serve. Researchers, teachers, funders, librarians, and anyone wanting to open scholarship are welcome to edit, curate, and contribute to this community resource.

Best first steps:

  • All OSKB community members must agree to uphold and report all violations to the OSKB Code of Conduct.
  • Join an existing Group:
    • Review their “Good First Task” tasks for something to start with.
    • Introduce yourself and your areas of interest in the Group Discussion board.
  • Join a monthly community call to meet the rest of the community!
    • Date: First Monday of every month
    • Time:  8:00 am PDT / 11:00 am EDT / 12:00 noon ADT / 4:00 pm BST / 5:00 pm CEST
    • Register for the next meeting to join us!

*** NOTE *** Community call for September moved to Tuesday, September 8th due to the Labor Day holiday.