Rapid accelerations in the effects of climate change paired with new and ongoing pandemics affecting global health – including obesity and COVID-19 – create the imperative to find solutions that address multiple challenges at once. This session is part of an emerging effort to advance research to help individuals and communities engage in behaviors that synergistically benefit both human health and the global environment. Internationally recognized leaders from a diverse set of climate and health research organizations will share evidence-based principles, best practices, and lessons learned for successful transdisciplinary research. Each speaker will provide brief remarks and participate in a moderated discussion focused on strategies for identifying and building successful collaborations and partnerships, developing novel research questions, and facilitating knowledge integration across diverse perspectives. Drawing on their in-depth knowledge and broad experience, the speakers will share practical guidance to help enhance the capacity for transdisciplinary science and offer key insights for those preparing to tackle global climate and health challenges together.

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Dr. Edward Maibach


Director of Mason’s Center for Climate Change Communication

George Mason University


Dr. Erica Key

Executive Director

Belmont Forum Secretariat


Dr. Rainer Romero-Canyas

Lead Senior [Behavioral Social] Scientist

Environmental Defense Fund


Andy Burnett

CEO Knowinnovation


Dr. Kara L. Hall (Moderator & Panelist)

Program Director

National Cancer Institute


Please submit questions in advance to hallka@mail.nih.gov (include “Climate Change and Health Behavior Change” in the subject line).