The NIH SOBC Common Fund Program held two Technical Assistance Webinars in October for the Program’s current Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) in one of the two Science Of Behavior Change (SOBC) Technical Assistance Webinars for the Program’s current Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs). A list of all the FAQs generated from both webinars, a link to a recording of the October 26, 2017 webinar, and a transcript will be posted on the SOBC Common Fund website soon. A link to the webinar recording, transcript, and FAQs is also provided below. Note that the audio begins at about 3.5 minutes.

As a reminder, please check the “Coming Soon Measures” list on the SOBC Measures Repository page. We expect in total more than 100 measures to be available prior to the receipt date for the FOAs, including additional measures in the interpersonal and social processes and stress reactivity and stress resilience domains.

Webinar Recording:

Webinar Recording and Transcript Access: