The global job announcements for the Program Officer (Health Scientist Administrator) positions at NIA opened on on May 20th and will close on Wednesday, May 29th.


Delegated Examining (Open to the Public)


Merit Promotion (Open to Status Candidates)

Health Scientist Administrator (Scientific Review Officer)
As a Health Scientist Administrator (Scientific Review Officer), you will perform the following tasks:

  • Provide policy direction and coordination for the planning and execution of initial scientific and technical review conducted within the Institute.
  • Utilize scientific knowledge and expertise to perform a variety of management functions associated with the scientific peer review of IC research and research training support activities and other contract activities.
  • Manage the initial scientific and administrative review of grant, program project grant, and training grant applications as well as research project applications submitted in response to requests for applications.
  • Appoint and manage review panels, including the identification of qualified reviewers to evaluate all applications and proposals and make any recommendations from IC and NIH program officials, to assemble a balanced group of experts and consultants.
  • Act as the sole Federal official and agency representative by guiding the activities of a review committee and ensuring continuity in their approach toward evaluating applications, proposals, and adherence to peer review policies and procedures.